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For partners

We are looking for partner companies to participate in the DiversCity Service Design course as a client organization.

Service design is one of the fastest-growing fields of activity in both private and public organizations. Service design focuses on the business challenges from the perspective of the users and offers your organization creative solutions that are practical, doable, and beneficial for your clients and your business. The key feature of Service design is co-creation. The more you get involved in the design process the better the outcome will serve you. 

Your company will be asked to come up with the challenge that our students will solve during the course using service design methods. By the end of the course, students will develop product or service concepts for your company that will offer solutions to the initial challenge. 

The course will take place from 31.10.2022-2.3.2023. To be able to participate, your company should have operations in Uusimaa or Kymenlaakso regions. Participation is free of charge.

If you are willing to participate, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will help you to come up with a suitable design challenge that will benefit both – your company and will serve as a learning experience for the students.

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Examples of student projects

  • concepts for new recruitment processes with the emphasis on diversity of employees
  • community kitchen as a new service for Espoon Library
  • a tool for the Borough Liaisons: development of new communication tools for city residents’ engagement
  • assessment and a new concept of best practices of a pilot project focused on working with young immigrants
  • new service ideas for physiotherapy practice

Partners we have worked with

Benefits for enterprises​

  • new business ideas and development insights 
  • improved accessibility and discoverability of your digital services
  • experience in recruiting and working with international talents
  • building future-oriented inclusive and diverse organizational culture
  • strengthening inclusion and diversity aspects of the employment process
  • a new wide range of target groups
  • new potential, ideas, and members for your initiatives

The next course

31.10.2022 – 2.3.2023

To be able to participate, your company should have operations in Uusimaa or Kymenlaakso regions. Participation is FREE of charge.